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PREP Pathways is a consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive training and leadership development for nonprofits. PREP Pathways has created an alternative solution that helps people find their pathway. Eliminating poverty, escaping addiction, improving mental health, enhancing workforce development, and making reentry doable for those with challenging backgrounds. 


PREP Pathways uses the basic science of change and the psychological understanding of human behavior motivation to create its exclusive and unique approach called PGT, which stands for My Purpose, My Gift, My Transformation. PGT motivates and inspires Any person to discover their Purpose, expose their Gift, and power their Transformation! 

PGT can change the way we help people find their pathway. I meet people every day from teenagers to seniors who have never discovered their purpose in life or exposed their gift from within. From my own personal transformation, PGT was born as a vision for my purpose in life. Now I want to share this experience with each of you. Your situation in life can change, it can improve, if it's already good, it can become greater! I believe it's time for a social recovery in the way we help people. Join me as I work with thousands of people who are searching to become Dream Takers. 



Malcolm J. Ratchford

Malcolm J. Ratchford holds a Bachelors degree in History Pre-Law from Talladega College and a Masters degree in Family Studies/Early Childhood Education from the University of Kentucky.


Malcolm has over 20 years of nonprofit management and leadership experience. In 2013, Malcolm was appointed as the 4th Executive Director of Community Action Council in Lexington, Kentucky.


Today, Malcolm considers himself a recovering nonprofit executive who finally discovered his purpose in life. Malcolm is the creator of The PGT Show, a podcast that motivates and inspires people to discover their Purpose, expose their Gift, and power their Transformation.  M

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