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Education Helps Recovery

During my years as a nonprofit executive, it was important for me to go beyond just providing early care and education. We needed to create an innovative vision that challenged our organization to actually get families out of poverty. We needed to target specific populations within the low income demographic and track outcomes. This led to the creation of a collaboration that helps women who reside in a drug addiction treatment center, have one less stressor in life knowing that their children are in high quality early childhood education. 

Youth On the Go Transportation

When your community has a need, typically some solutions have been discussed and shared in a myriad of community needs assessments and work groups all over town. Every organization wants to be the lead and everyone seems to have a limited budget. When I created the vision for Youth On the Go transportation, the sole purpose was to help youth get to and from enrichment activities afterschool and during the summer which has an impact on closing the achievement gap. 

PREP Talks

Gathering of the minds is a terrific way to call to action and bring awareness to issues that are impacting each of our lives directly or indirectly. A poverty forum creates the opportunity for PREP Talks, the discussion of current news events with a nonpartisan spin. The only objective is a common ground solution that doesn't compromise your values. Stay tuned for PREP Talks being broadcast over your airwaves. 

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Helping Elected Officials

As you are preparing for your campaign or pushing forward community changing legislation, it's important to have a poverty expert help you with your message and public policy. Someone who has worked alongside thousands of children and families living in poverty and understands your values as an elected official. We can boost your message and provide solid solutions that work for all.

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